The Elopement of F + F



elopement – noun
      1. an act or instance of running off secretly, as to be married.


Some couples get married with 100+ guests, others just with their very close friends and family, and then there’s Felix and Francesca, getting married alone, just with their photographer ;)

It was a really refreshing and new experience for me too, to just spend some hours with these genuinely awesome and funny humans. Without the pressure of a big wedding event it was a really relaxed afternoon when we rolled around Vienna.

Rolled? Yeah, you read that right, Felix and Francesca both love to ride their bikes so they decided to have a biking elopement. After the official part at the Standesamt we hopped on our rides and took off for a tour through Vienna, just scroll down to see the pictures of this amazingly special weddingday!




Thanks Felix and Francesca for choosing me to capture your special Day! It was awesome!






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