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When I look at the pictures of Clara and Jonas Wedding it still feels like it was yesterday. I spent an amazing day with a big international wedding party at the wonderful Grafengut directly at Attersee, a Lake in Upper Austria.

Clara and Jonas are two wonderful humans and one amazing couple, they are kind, loving and always smiling at each other. I feel glad I had the opportunity to document this special day for them and I hope they enjoy the pictures for a long time.



Getting Ready

The wedding day started at the boathouse directly at the lake, where I met the bridal party getting ready. Clara and her bridesmaids had a nice time with a big breakfast and the make up artist already setting up. The boathouse itself is amazing, I just loved the atmosphere and this feeling of being above water.


When I got to Jonas and his best man they were almost finished, so we snapped some quick shots and took off to church, but not before taking some nice portraits.

The Ceremony

The Church of Attersee is a little gem itself, its walls are several hundred years old and still overlooking the beautiful lake.

After the ceremony, the wedding party was headed for a little surprise by the couple, so we had some time for some portraits of the newlyweds.

We’re on a boat!

Sadly the rain was coming in so we decided to get back to the wedding party, on a boat! Clara and Jonas scheduled the cutting of the cake for a boat ride, so they could enjoy it with the picturesque landscape. This was a great idea to pass some time during the afternoon and a wonderful way to show the international guests around the area!

After the rain finally stopped, we got off the boat for more portraits. Just when we arrived at our planned spot, the sun peaked through the grey sky and created a wonderful atmosphere.

Dinner with a view

After getting back to the venue, Clara and Jonas had a nice dinner planned for all their friends. You could still see the lake from the table and we all enjoyed a great sunset. When it got dark the dancefloor opened up and it didnt take long to fill.



Clara + Jonas, thank you for letting me be part of your amazing celebration. It was a wonderful time!





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