Nasty Nutcrackers DC

At the start of 2018 I had the pleasure to support the viennese Dodgeball Team “The Nasty Nutcrackers Union DC” with a media sponsorship in the form of team pictures!

The goal of the shoot was to portrait every player and to create some nice group pictures to be used by the team in the coming season, including the participation at the Dodgeball World Cup in New York City!

Since the Nasty Nutcrackers are a bunch of crazy guys and girls we knew from the start we had to do something funny. So we decided to shoot three kinds of portraits of everyone: The Gameface, The Smiling Face and The Crazy Face, resulting in three very different team rosters! But check it out for yourself, I’m very glad to finally show the results :)

Special Thanks go to Nini from Detailors Studio, for the great assistance!


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