Surprise proposal on top of Vienna



Some of you might know Reddit, a place on the internet I often describe as a “forum for everything”. I was scrolling around on it this summer when I came across a post from Alex. He was planning a trip to Vienna with his long-term girlfriend, and he was in need for a musician to play while he asks for her hand in marriage.

So, as you might not know, I am by no means able to play any instrument, but I knew that I know the right people to help him out!
I believe the internet is a place to make magical things happen so I really wanted to try this out. Also, I’m a sucker for romance.
So I quickly wrote him a message, stating that while I am no musician, I’d love to help him organize one to make this happen. I had already asked my dear friend Theresa Pewal to help us out by suggesting a good clarinet player, which she gladly provided by connecting us with Simon Pibal.

We started talking and Alex told me a bit about how they met in highschool, to what they planned for their Vienna trip. He wanted to propose on top of THE viennese landmark, the St.Stephens Cathedral. This itself posed some new challenges since, after all, the tower is open for all tourists and we couldn’t know whether live-music was allowed, or how crowded it would be.
Thankfully, the time we chose in the end was some minutes just after sunset, so there were barely any people on top of St.Stephen’s north tower at that time. Simon, the clarinet player, and I went up early enough to check out the location and wait for Alex and Cathy to arrive at the end of their sightseeing trip.

When they arrived everything happened rather fast, they went to the top platform, and when Cathy was just looking over the city, Simon started to play the clarinet, Alex took the ring out of his pocket and well, everything just flowed.

Thinking back this was a totally crazy experience, and I guess Simon and I were nearly as nervous as Alex^^ But I’m glad everything turned out fine <3

Thanks again to everybody who was involved in this! It was a great pleasure to help to make this happen <3



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