a wedding in the green heart of austria | Styria – Admont

Coming from Vienna it takes quite a while to reach Admont. The small town with the famous Abbey is located in the Gesäuse, a lovely area basically in the middle of Austria. Styria is called the green heart of austria for a reason, its lovely.

the wonderful little town of Admont

Admont was choosen as its the town of the brides origin, and with that amazing monestary and church, how could you choose differently?

My weekend in Admont started with some location scouting on friday, when I arrived in the afternoon. The area around the abbey is filled with parks so that was done quickly. With some rough ideas about where to shoot the bridal portraits, I took off to my room to be rested for the big day.

When I arrived at the getting ready of the bridal party in the next morning, everyone was already rushing around doing stuff. I love the energy in the air in those moments, you cant be part without feeling the excitement.

the search for the right door was easy ;)

Afterwards I made my way back to the groom and his best man who were getting ready on the Castle Röthelstein where the reception, dinner and party would take place later.

Admont Abbey
also very pretty on the inside
the first kiss

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