Late Summer Wedding in Burgenland

J + M decided to celebrate their marriage in Austrias easternmost state, Burgenland. In a little village really close to the hungarian border, Halbturn.

Since Halbturn is only a bit over half an hour to drive from Vienna, its a wonderful option for couples from Vienna, but I’ll write a small post about Wedding Venues soon anyway ;)

The wedding of J + M started with a reception close to the church, a lovely little get together in a nearby garden, with some cold drinks to battle the summer heat. When everybody arrived, the wedding party made its way to the church, as its tradition in Burgenland. What followed was a lovely little ceremony in a church with wonderful light <3

Later we decided to take the couple portraits in the nearby park of the Halbturn palace, where the trees gave us some shade from the harsh mid-day sun as well as some imperial backdrops. And of course we had to stop by at the close vineyards, because, whats a wedding in Burgenland with no mention of wine?

After all the formal images were shot, the wedding party made its way to Weiden am See to dasFritz, where everybody met up again for a relaxed dinner at sunset.

But now, I think you’d like to see some photos:


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