Nasty Nutcrackers DC

At the start of 2018 I had the pleasure to support the viennese Dodgeball Team “The Nasty Nutcrackers Union DC” with a media sponsorship in the form of team pictures!

The goal of the shoot was to portrait every player and to create some nice group pictures to be used by the team in the coming season, including the participation at the Dodgeball World Cup in New York City!

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Urban Dance #2

Dorren is 26yo and from New York City, he’s currently living in Vienna and working as a Dancer and Artist. I really enjoyed hanging out and capturing some nice scenes with him, and it definitely wasn’t the last time! He’s a very nice guy and I’m very happy that I could “introduce him to my imagination” like he stated ;) Enjoy!

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Urban Dance

Letzte Woche bin ich ein paar Stunden mit Jasmin aus Salzburg durch Wien gezogen. Read More