FAQ – Frequently Asked (Wedding) Questions:


What’s your Style of Photography?

I’d describe my style of photography as documentary, mixed with some minimalism and a chunk of childish curiosity. I always want to know which story hides behind a door or person because I’d love to capture and preserve it for the next generation.

My goal is to capture your special day without being noticed as anything more than one of your guests. I think it’s key to wedding pictures that everyone in the wedding party just feels good and doesn’t have the feeling of being observed by a stranger with a camera. After all you should enjoy your time together!


Do you travel for weddings?

Of course! I am based in Vienna/Austria but I’d love to travel to your wedding destination!


When should we schedule our portrait session on our wedding day?
I’d recommend to do the portrait session in the (late) afternoon because the light is usually a lot warmer and softer than the harsh sun around midday. Naturally no two weddings are the same so it always depends on several factors but being flexible and making things work (even if the weather turns bad) is what you pay for ;)


How do we get our pictures?

You’ll receive a nice engraved wooden box with a USB drive filled with your files and some 10x15cm prints to complete the package. You will get approx. 400-600 pictures of a full day wedding, edited and ready to print or share with your friends.

The photos will be a mix of color and black and white photographs, since some scenes just work better in monochrome tones.

On your USB Drive you’ll find Print-Ready (3000px/300ppi) and Web Resolution Files (2048px/72ppi)


What are your rates?

Wedding photographer prices are as diversified as the couples we come to work with.

Depending on the Photographer there are often pre-set offers to choose from, or a la carte offerings.

In my case you can choose from three pre-set wedding offers, all made to fit common wedding schedules.
They all contain a beautifuly engraved box for your memories and a password-protected web gallery for your guests, some a little more.


But if you can’t find the perfect fit for your special day its no problem to get a personalized offer catered to your needs and wishes.


If you want to know more details about pricing, please send me an inquiry through the contact form.


When should we book?

Since most weddings take place on weekends in summer, which are limited sadly, it’s always good to reach out about 1 year prior to the wedding.


Do you work alone or with a second shooter?

I usually work on my own but I’d recommend a second shooter for big weddings.


Can we see a full wedding gallery? 

Of course! I have sample gallerys for different lengths of wedding documentary so just shoot me a quick message!